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[APD] Re: Blyxa echinosperma & Blyxa japonica

>Thank you for the clarification regarding the sizes of B. japonica and B.
>aubertii.  While we are on the subject, a vendor is selling Blyxa
>and s/he is claiming it is the same plant as Blyxa japonica.  Is this true?  

I think we resemble said vendor.  The specific import we carry Blyxa
echinosperma (as sold to us) is most definately a short plant.  I have
personally been growing it for over a year now and can confirm this.  I am
certain it was mislabled by the grower.  That plant we carry and B.
japonica are one of the same.  I am not saying there is not a tall plant
called B. echinosperma... just that we don't have such a tall plant.  Once
I find multiple listings describing echinosperma decribed as a tall plant,
I will change our listing. 

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