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[APD] Blyxa echinosperma & Blyxa japonica

Thank you for the clarification regarding the sizes of B. japonica and B.
aubertii.  While we are on the subject, a vendor is selling Blyxa echinosperma,
and s/he is claiming it is the same plant as Blyxa japonica.  Is this true?  I
ran a search and the Asian websites lists these as separate profiles. 
Unfortunately, I can't read whatever language it's written in but I am inclined
to believe that it is a separate species.  The APD archive also imply that they
are separate species.  If so, then how tall do they get?

I really want to obtain B. japonica for its short growth profile and would
appreciate any clarification.

Thanks again.
P.S. Please contact me privately if you have some B. japonica for sale.

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