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[APD] Re: Blyxa japonica and aubertii

"Which is shorter: Blyxa japonica or Blyxa aubertii?"

B. japonica is about 3-4 inches tall and aubertii up
to about 16 inches or so (can be 8 inches wide at the

"Tropica describes Blyxa japonica's growth habit to be
similar to stem plants,
growing quite tall, while Blyxa aubertii forms
rosettes.  Is this accurate?"

B. japonica is sort of a rosette of rosettes, if that
makes any sense.  You can pinch off the side ones it
grows and plant them when they've grown roots.  It
does fine once it gets going but is very unforgiving
when it comes to mistakes (neglect, blackouts, etc). 
Flowered under water one time for me.      

B. aubertii is rosette.  Plants grown under strong
light do much better and grow much larger than those
that remain shaded.  It frequently grows tiny white
flowers on the tips of modified leaves that self
pollinate and produce oblong seed pods.  Of all the
flowers mine produced, I only got one seedling that
was probably eaten by snails.    

You will sometimes see a third species that grows much
like Potamogeton species (runners between upright
stems).  I believe it is Blyxa sp. "Vietnam".  It's a
very fussy plant but turns into a real weed once it
gets comfortable.  It is sometimes incorrectly labled
as japonica.  

I'm not sure if Blyxa novoguineensis is a valid
species or not (I suspect so).  Supposedly, it's a
little taller than japonica.  I would like to get some
of it, but I doubt I will any time soon.    


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