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Re: [APD] Re: Lighting

Sounds like a good plan. It probably goes without saying
but just to error on the side of safety I will say it:

Be careful not to get water on a hot bulb; it might crack.
Occassionally check for any corrosion on the lamp
connections due to moisture.
Be sure your aquarium equipment is plugged into a Ground
Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet.

Have fun,
Scott H.
--- Roy Quek <royquek at yahoo_com> wrote:
> At the moment the lamp is sitting on top of an all
> glass tank. I only have plants now. Yup that plastic
> piece is the only thing between the bulb and the water
> for now. When i have time to set up the tank proper,
> i'll probably make a cover over the tank both to
> prevent the fish from jumping out and the bulb from
> getting wet.

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