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[APD] Re: Vigorous aeration and NH3

Andrew McLeod wrote:
>Since NH3 is a gas, wouldn't vigorous aeration remove it?

Yes, there are things called "ammonia towers".  One local LFS has a
centralized filtration system (actually, seven systems to account for
varying water conditions) that use 24" diameter, 12 foot high PVC columns
filled with lava rock. Very large air pumps blow air in from the bottom.
Tank water is pumped to the top and allowed to splash down to the bottom
to aerate it and remove ammonia. It should be obvious that this is a WHOLE
LOT of aeration and not just running an airstone "full blast". You may
have trouble achieving this effect at home.

Also note that Python water changers suggest that if you allow water to
splash and bubble in the return tube, it will remove ammonia.

>In a plant tank not enriched with CO2 by any means except
>fish, what is ratio of the CO2 produced by the fish to that
>used by the plants?

A "typical" uninjected tank will have 2-3 mg/l of dissolved CO2. Since
theoretical CO2 equilibrium is 0.498 mg/l (at a certain temperature and
sea level), biological processes in the tank (flora and fauna respiration)
are generating a little more CO2 than the plants use. Your results may

>If it was losing CO2, then would aeration pump more CO2 into
>the tank from the 0.03% in the atmosphere?

No, aeration will tend to drive CO2 (and other dissolved gases) towards

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