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Re: [APD] Re: Lighting

There were certainly a lot of exhibitors listed for
Aquarama 2003. Don't know which one made you lamp so I
couldn't find any specific info on it.  

Some more general comments regarding your post:
With a hood that more or less enclosed sitting over an
aquarium, especially if the aquarium has a glass top under
the lamp, it's hard for the lamp to vent the heat than it
is for a reading lamp that sits out in the open. Also,
different bulbs and lamp combinations can have different
heat characteristics depending on the bulb and ballast as
well as the how well venting is designed into the hood. I
have two aquarium hoods using 13 watt fluorescent bulbs and
reading light using the same.  The aquarium hoods get
hotter than the reading light and one hood hotter than the
other even though the same model bulb and ballast are used
in each. The cooler hood simpoly has better air flow.

If the lamp is not becoming so hot you cannot touch it,
then I would guess (and it's only a guess) that it's
operating as designed. In any event, raising it might make
a big difference and should be relatively easy to try.
Sometimes, even propping up the rear of the lamp a few
millimeters can help because it allows cool air to enter at
the bottom of the lamp and then pass over the bulb and out
through the vents in the lamp. But generally, this is
effective only with lamps that don't already have some
venting in the design that allows cooler room air to enter
near the bottom of the lamp.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Roy Quek <royquek at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Thank you for your inputs. Erm its a chinese brand
> lamp i got it from a mega aquarium hobby exhibition
> here in Singapore called Aquarama. Well it does cost
> significantly cheaper than most other lamps this size
> but the company that manufactures this seemed an OK
> company, not some sleazy firm. The temperature on the
> lamp isn't hot til i can't touch it but then again
> maybe i haven't left it on long enough. I'm just
> afraid it might catch fire or melt. I think i'll bring
> it to an electrician one day for it to be checked.
> Thanks alot! In the mean time i'll elevate it higher
> above my tank for it to cool down more. It has never
> occured to me i might raise the temperature of the
> tank! Silly me!
> Oh yes i have a table lamp from IKEA using a 13W
> flourescent light. (The one for my fish tank is PL-9W
> and the brand is 3AAA, registered in germany) Last
> night while i was reading, i noticed after 2 hours the
> lamp wasn't hot at all. Strange difference. 
> Anyway thanks for the inputs!
> ROy
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