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[APD] Re: Lighting

Thank you for your inputs. Erm its a chinese brand
lamp i got it from a mega aquarium hobby exhibition
here in Singapore called Aquarama. Well it does cost
significantly cheaper than most other lamps this size
but the company that manufactures this seemed an OK
company, not some sleazy firm. The temperature on the
lamp isn't hot til i can't touch it but then again
maybe i haven't left it on long enough. I'm just
afraid it might catch fire or melt. I think i'll bring
it to an electrician one day for it to be checked.
Thanks alot! In the mean time i'll elevate it higher
above my tank for it to cool down more. It has never
occured to me i might raise the temperature of the
tank! Silly me!

Oh yes i have a table lamp from IKEA using a 13W
flourescent light. (The one for my fish tank is PL-9W
and the brand is 3AAA, registered in germany) Last
night while i was reading, i noticed after 2 hours the
lamp wasn't hot at all. Strange difference. 
Anyway thanks for the inputs!


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