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[APD] Isoetes velata (repost)

I am aware that re-posting does not fit the posting etiquette, but I something went wrong with my former post.
I just aquired a plant that was labled as Isoetes velata from an auction. I have google searched this plant and I have been unable to turn up any usefull information. The plant I have is about 15" tall from crown to tip. It looks somewhat like a terrestrial chive plant with the foliage being round long spikes. The average spike measures 2mm each at the base and progressively narrows to a point. Where the spikes attach to the crown in a rosette type fashion, they fade to white and become c shaped somewhat like celery does. I ususlly do not buy any plant that I am not familiar with, but this time I made an exception. I am looking for any information about this plant so that I can identify it and try to provide the proper conditions for it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
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