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Re: [APD] Beard Algae & SAE Adults

My experience is similar. Although taker anything they can
get, they work much of the day, apparently looking for even
more edibles.

I wonder if there's a function for work versus how much
non-algae food they can get -- at some point they do just
sit around all day? The fish in my aquaria tend to be well
fed, but the SAEs don't just loaf.

I only see bba in tanks without them.

Scott H.
--- Sharon Frey <sharonfrey at earthlink_net> wrote:
> . . .
> About 4 weeks ago I culled the last 4, 4 inch SAE, in a
> 29g for LFS waiting.
> . . .What I wasn't prepared
> for was an
> immediate outbreak of beard algae that grew and grew over
> about 10 days
> time. . . 
> Local LFS, purchase three juvenile SAE, beard . . .
> algae gets eaten,
> . . . 
> My conclusion is adult SAE eat algae even if they eat
> everything else that
> comes there way.

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