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[APD] Beard Algae & SAE Adults

Subject is adult SAE and their algae eating worth.

About 4 weeks ago I culled the last 4, 4 inch SAE, in a 29g for LFS waiting.
I had oft seen them scour the front aquarium glass.  But they were big and
algae was virtually non existent.  What I wasn't prepared for was an
immediate outbreak of beard algae that grew and grew over about 10 days
time.  Shoot it was growing on a vibrant Crinum calamistratum and Didiplis
diandra and was claiming Java Windelov as it's own in again 10 days time.

Local LFS, purchase three juvenile SAE, beard (aptly named because it does
look like a curly haired man's beard) algae gets eaten, amano and red cherry
find the beard algae appetizing too.  The Crinum and Didiplis are now algae
free and Java is almost rid of horrid beard algae.

My conclusion is adult SAE eat algae even if they eat everything else that
comes there way.


Sharon Frey

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