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[APD] Algae nomenclature


I have an algae in my tank which I am having a small problem identifying.
I've been to the FAQs, etc., and I think it is called "beard algae."
(FAQ definition: "Grows on plant leaves and is bright green. Individual
strands have a very fine texture but it grows in thick patches and looks
just like a green beard. It grows up to 4 cm.")  In scanning the archives,
it would appear that people are casually swapping the terms beard algae
and brush algae when I think they are actually two very different things?
In any case, I'm having a little trouble figuring out what to do.

The stuff in my tank is short, positively bright green, hard, tufty, ~1
cm.  (It is *not* BBA.)  It grows primarily on the substrate (I sweep out
as much as I can by hand at every water change), and it also favors
older/dying leaves/stems and roots of other plants until it kills the
plant.  Sometimes it roams freely in clumps, other times it is very firmly
affixed to plants or substrate, but never the walls or filtration tubing.
My algae eaters include a large pleco, 5 SAEs, and 1 oto (soon to be more
after I go to the lfs), but it would appear that no one touches it.  What
should I do?

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