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[APD] Re: Algae Eating Fish

That's pretty much how mine behave too, they come out for their algae wafer
but otherwise stay in their caves most of the day. They are also very shy, I
have to sit still for a little while before they come back out usually. Not
sure what algae they prefer to eat however they rasp on the wood to eat it
so in the long run they end up scraping off many types of algae and stains.
I can often see where they have been rasping away at the wood as they leave
fresh patches exposed. As far cleaning glass, plants or rocks they would
probably have to be covered in a type of algae they actually enjoy eating.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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Many ancistrus will not appear to be very active fish, yet
still accomplish a lot. They tend to to be shy. And they
tend to move to a location, stop, work a bit, stop, move to
a new location, stop, etc.  Lots of "idle" time.

Also, I have found many of them to be crepuscular if not
downright nocturnal.

I find it best to judge their usefulness but the gradual
disappearance of algae from surfaces.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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