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[APD] RE: Algae Eating Fish

> Many ancistrus will not appear to be very active fish, yet
> still accomplish a lot. They tend to to be shy. And they
> tend to move to a location, stop, work a bit, stop, move to
> a new location, stop, etc.  Lots of "idle" time.
> Also, I have found many of them to be crepuscular if not
> downright nocturnal.
> I find it best to judge their usefulness but the gradual
> disappearance of algae from surfaces.

Agreed.  I often don't see the ancistrus in my 55 gallon tank for days- even
if I search for him (her?).  Then, all of a sudden, there he is.  I only
rarely see him during the day, and only occasionally at night.  But the rock
and driftwood in the tank are *very* clean, so I know he's doing his stuff.

 New Hampshire, USA, where it is warm and beautiful once again. (Which means
it will probably snow next week!)
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