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Re: [APD] RE: Time Change

At 10:58 PM 10/29/2003, you wrote:

Diane Brown writes:
> The solution to the time-change problem:  a radio-controlled clock

We find our Samsung VCRs to be very convenient also - they read time
signals from PBS stations. And they are multi-purpose, unlike most of our


You can make all your computer clocks self-setting too. For Windows there is a handy little tool called "Tardis". You can download it from download.com. UNIX people can use xntpd to do the same thing and a whole lot more.

With all the modern telecommunications infrastructure we have clocks should set themselves ;-)


God forbid - those handy dandy new cell phone thingys they have too! Lucky for me both my cell phone and my digital cable box (as well as the previously mentioned computer gizmo thingy) helped me keep things straight on said time change weekend. God love (or loathe) technology!

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