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[APD] Re: Algae Eating Fish

Jon wrote:  ...."I see references on the list to people using SAE's, Black 
Mollies, Swordtails and Flag fish for algae control.  Which are the best in 
people experience, or do they just have appetites for different flavors of 
   It has been my experience that Flag Fish are the best algae eaters. I had 
two clear a 75gal. of the long flowing green stuff in just a few days. They 
also eat duck weed. The bad part is the love to eat glossostigma and may nibble 
at a few others. The prows outweigh the cons IMHO. They may nip at long finned 
fish also. I've seen Mollies do an ok job too. I think the Sail Fin ones are 
better( I have'nt kept any for a while but I Think they nibbled at bule green 
algae also) than the Blacks. 
   Good Luck!
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