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Re: [APD] Awesome light comparison galle

I would assume the following:

Bad for red pigment development:
Philips965, Philips950, Philips 940, WarmWhite, AiMDayHiGlow, Hagen Marine
Glo, Hagen Flora Glo, Hagen AquaGlo, Hagen SunGlo

Sylvania Aquastar(!), SylvaniaGroLux, Aim Biolux, Arcadia Tropical, Arcadia
Freshwater, Hagen PowerGlo, Hagen LifeGlo

Good for red pigment development:
Philips 930, Philips Aquarelle, Philips 840, Philips 830 (best?), Philips
827, Arcadia Marine White

Notice how both high- and low-kelvin bulbs are mixed, and the question of
the day:
Does anyone agree and/or understand how I was thinking when I made my

// Daniel.
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