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RE: [APD] Re: Algae Eating Fish- Bristlenose

It seems individual Bristlenose vary as to their usefulness eating algae.  I have a 20g that started out with a female Ancistrus.  This fish didn't clean up anything that I could see.  There's a large piece of driftwood in the tank, and it developed a nice coat of short dark green algae, but no help from this female.  I got a male and put him in the tank.  In 4 days the entire piece of wood was spit-shined.  He must have rasped off a little of the wood itself, this piece looked so clean.  Neither fish has ever touched the glass.

I'm trying out a Chaetostoma thomasi (rubberlip? rubbernose?- you ought to get a load of this fish's algae mower!) and see if he does any better.


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