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[APD] Re: algae eating fish

>Which are the best in people experience, or do they just have appetites
> for different flavors of algae?  Are all mollies equal in their algae
eating or are black ones better?

Yes, different fish eat different algae and no one fish eats all types of

Ottos, ancistrus, SAE, nerite snails (among others), amano shrimp and
mollies are all good on their own but better as a team. Mollies tend to pick
at many things, not sure what they actually like to eat and what they spit
back out. I do believe black mollies do a good job at eating the film that
forms on the surface of the water. SAE's are the only ones I know to eat BBA
and the Florida Flag Fish apparently is good for thread algae, so too are
cherry barbs if I'm not mistaken. With the exception of the restless barbs,
all the others behave well in a planted community tank, the SAEs will chase
each other around all day but they don't bother other species. Just don't
get the wrong SAEs (false SAEs of Flying Fox) or the wrong type of snail.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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