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Re: [APD] DIY material for Eheim canister filter pads

        One thing to remember, that I did'nt see anyone post, is to make sure 
you know EXACTLY what the foam is made of, and if it has any additives in it. 
My buddy Charlie Grimes has a great, although morbid talk on the results of 
his search for cheaper foam for bubble up filters. He found the right foam, the 
right price, then found out the next day that it had an arsenic based 
fungicide added to it. 1500+ dead fish is not worth saving $5. 
       I get my bulk stuff from Aquatic Ecosystems, and occasionally from 
Ginger in big rolls. Even though its expensive initially, it lasts a while on a 
big roll, and is much cheaper. :)


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> Anyone ever figure out a good DIY source of foam filter material to use as 
> a
> DIY alternative to the white open-pore material Eheim sells?  I researched
> in the archives without success.
> Bob Alston

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