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[APD] Re: Clams

When I was growing up in New England I had a cloudy water problem in my unfiltered 20 gallon tank.  I got a two inch mussel from a local pond, put it into the tank, and in two days the water was clear.  Just about every plant in the tank was uprooted due to the meanderings of the mussel.  I returned it to the pond.

A bit later I had another cloudy water problem.  I got another mussel, but this time I kept it in a gravel-filled box.  The water cleared and the plants stayed where they were.

Mussels and clams are filter feeders. I doubt that they would survive long in a clean tank.  Also, mussels reproduce by expelling large numbers of minute larvae that go through several stages. In one of which they become external parasites to fish, appearing as little black spots.  They don't seem to do any harm.

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