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[APD] algae eating fish

I was able to find some stray threads in the archives dealing with this fish or that fish, but no comparison between them....so.....

I'm in need of some good algae eating fish.  I re-did my 29gal about 5 weeks ago [see end of post for details].  It obviously hasn't settled out quite yet, and i'm still getting a new type of algae every week.  The tank is populated by 9 neons, and a few small loaches.  i've got 3 otto's that since the move only seem to like the underside of my driftwood, and almost totally ignore the glass or plants.  I used to have an SAE, but he didn't survive the move to the new tank, and he never seemed to eat much algae anyway (i think he was too big).

Last night I added 1 black mollie after pouring over the archives trying to find a solution to my algae problem, and man is that thing amazing.  All he? does all day is eat algae and poop.  i would have got more, but he was the last one in town.

I see references on the list to people using SAE's, Black Mollies, Swordtails and Flag fish for algae control.  Which are the best in people experience, or do they just have appetites for different flavors of algae?  Are all mollies equal in their algae eating or are black ones better?

Since this is my first semi-serious attempt at a planted tank i know i'm making all the mistakes possible along the way, and likely creating most of my own problems with algae.  I'm not looking for an algae free tank, just one where it is under control. (I really like the look of it on the driftwood in the tank)

Also on a different note, my dosing of flourish is so far by the recommended weekly amounts on the bottle, except i'm spreading it out thru the week and dosing every couple days.  I've heard a lot of references on this list to Tom's dosing suggestions, but so far I've been unable to find any master set of guidelines, except the pieces that end up in specific replies to posts.  If someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated.


tank setup
29 gal
2x36 bright kit [12.5 on hours/day]
2.5 bags of flourite [~2.5"]
4 flourish substrate tabs
20oz of laterite
filstar xp3 using small pieces of lava rock for bio media (i wish i had an eheim)
DIY CO2 bottle bubbling into the intake of the filter
a mess of plants, compared to the pics of show tanks i've seen i'd call it med-heavy planted (just not grown out yet)
9 neon tetras (6 are only babies)
3 clown loaches (1.5" - 2")
2 yoyo loaches (2.5")
3 ottos
1 albino cory
1 black mollie (algae eater extrodinare)
every algae form know to man
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