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[APD] Re: Clams in planted tanks

Jim Seidman wrote

> Does anyone out there have experience with keeping freshwater clams 
> in a planted tank? I'm thinking about buying some Corbicula fluminea 
> for my 125-gallon unfiltered tank. I'm unclear on how the clams can 
> move around without disturbing the roots.


Your success might depend on the size of the clams.  I used clams from the
local river which I have never seen more than about thumbnail sized.  At that
size they don't cause any problems.  My best success came from using mud from
the river that included some tiny clams.  They lived for a couple years in an
unfiltered tank then died when I put a filter on the tank.  By that time they
were up to normal size.  It wasn't until they died that I had any idea how
many there were.  There were a dozen or so.  I thought there were 2 or 3.

Roger Miller

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