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RE: [APD] Apo. undulatus bleaching

Seweryn asks:

"Quick question about the bleach treatment. Can Apo. undulatus stand the
standard 1/20 bleach solution dip? Say.. 2 minutes? Also, when I plant it,
should I leave most of the tuber exposed?"

Since no one has responded, I'll tell you what I'd do: cut all the leaves
off (if there are any) then bleach the bulb if you think it needs it, or
just scrub it with a scouring pad same as you clean the tank walls. The
leaves will grow back strong unless the plant has been already growing for
a while and needs the dormant period that it would get in its natural
environment. In this case, the leaves will come back but they will be small
and stunted and its probably best to give it a rest for a few months.

For planting; first, if it has never sprouted and you can't tell where it
will grow from, then just let it sit on top of the substrate until it
starts to sprout new growth; now you know which end is up. Then plant it
where you want it by pushing it half-way down into the substrate. Give it
some room to grow. I don't know what your tank is like but when I grew this
plant in a soil based substrate with CO2, ferts, and medium light, it
filled up 2/3 of a 75 gallon tank and had a massive root system that
covered the entire tank bottom. IMHO you can tell if the plant is growing
well by the amount of twisting or "corkscrew" in the leaves. Several
published photos of this plant don't even come close to showing what is


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