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RE: [APD] DIY material for Eheim canister filter pads

Bob asks:

"Anyone ever figure out a good DIY source of foam filter material to use as
a DIY alternative to the white open-pore material Eheim sells?  I
researched in the archives without success."

I looked around my area (Denver) and did find a foam distributor who
carries 8' x 2' x 4" pieces of 20 ppi (Pours Per Inch) foam. Unfortunately,
they would only sell it by the uncut piece and wanted $130 for it. I
declined. I then talked with a manufacturer of trickle filters and asked if
they had any left over pieces they would be willing to sell. They told me
they pretty much use everything except, occasionally, if the foam cutting
device gets jammed and ruins a piece; then they may have something left
over. They didn't have anything when I spoke with them and, of course, no
telling when that might happen. I also talked with a foam mattress place
and they had some foam that was used for outdoor furniture cushions. This
sounded somewhat promising until I found out that it was made with an
anti-bacterial agent to prevent mildew. So, I guess I've hit a dead end


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