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Re: [APD] DIY material for Eheim canister filter pads

Reticulated or Open-cell Urethane foam is what we're
looking for.

This came up about a year ago, give or take, and I don't
recall finding any really good sources then. I think you
generally will be dealing in bulk and that eats up the
potential savings.  The other trick of it is knowing what
size pore the foam has before you buy it -- usually offered
as pores per inch.

This outfit will sell commercially, as opposed to only
wholesale, if you want to but by the foot -- but you have
to contact them about pricing:


And this outfit, aimed at pond filtering, sells sheets and
will custom cut:


 www.aquaticeco.com also sells it, but it's not cheap there


Alas, some of the places where you can find the stuff
available in amounts smaller than you woul dneed a truck to
carry, it's just too darn expensive to bworth the trouble
of cutting your own.

RE the archives, there was a place listed that supposedly
had sheet of reticulated urethane foam for redicualously
low prices, but ironically enough, the web address for that
store is no longer active.

Let us know if you find anything useful.

Good luck,
Scott H.
--- BobAlston9 at aol_com wrote:
> Anyone ever figure out a good DIY source of foam filter
> material to use as a
> DIY alternative to the white open-pore material Eheim
> sells?  I researched
> in the archives without success.

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