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[APD] Valued book on plant interactions returns to print

"Perspectives on Plant Competition," edited by James B. Grace and David
Tilman, ISBN 1-930665-85-7, Paperback, 484 pages, List price: $59.95  For
additional information, see http://www.blackburnpress.com/peonplco.html

I thought you might be interested to know that "Perspectives on Plant
Competition," edited by James B. Grace and David Tilman, has just been
brought back into print by The Blackburn Press, with a new preface by the

The book (originally published in 1990) showcased the variety of ways in
which plant competition can be approached. It also substantially reduced
some of the confusion about issues that existed before its publication.
Continued requests for copies of this book have demonstrated its utility to
practitioners, and especially to students, in the field as they try to
predict the responses of natural systems to environmental change.

"This is certainly a required book for those working on plant competition,
and an important reference for ecologists and biologists in general. In many
ways, it will be a landmark, providing a snapshot of research at a critical
time in the development of this field," Science 249, 1054

The Blackburn Press is a relatively new publishing company, founded with the
mission of keeping in print and available for purchase at reasonable prices
book titles that larger publishers have lost interest in and have declared
to be "out of print." It specializes in scientific and technical books and
textbooks that are classics in their field. See

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