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[APD] Re: Ammo Lock and Ammonia Tests


My apologies for not reading your original post more carefully. You said you were using "Ammo Lock" and I just read it to read "Ammo Lock 2." "Ammo Lock 2" is a product very similar to "Amquel" and "Prime" that actually ties up the ammonia/ammonium with a formaldehyde-like compound until it can be used by plants or biofilter. [Salicylate tests read only the free ammonium/ammonia with those, AFAIK.]

I don't know how the original "Ammo Lock" (without a "2") is supposed to work. so my comments may be way off base. If you have free ammonium, it *should* most all be in the NH4+ form until pH gets up toward 8. From there up, the NH3 proportion skyrockets upward. The ratio of deadly NH3 to NH4+ increases by about 10 times from a pH rise from 7 to 8. At 9 it is about 50X higher than at 7. [When in doubt, keep pH down around 7 or lower!]


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It turns out that the kit I'm using is a salicylate reagent product (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals). It however indicts that it tests for both NH3 and NH4. It also indicates that "Ammonia test kits will still test positive for ammonia..." even when Ammo Lock is used. I suspect the ammonia is all in the NH4 form or as you say the fish would be dead or totally stressed. It may be that I will just have to wait for the NH4 to be processed through the bio-filter.
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