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[APD] Re: Ammo lock and ammonia tests

Wright said

Try the same test using a salycilate ammonium test and see if
ammonia/ammonium isn't below detectable levels.

    Do you know of hand what brand use salycilate?   I have the same
problem with amquel. I am getting ready to place an order at
thatfishplace and wanted to replace my testing solutions.  The site and
the catalog don't go into enough detail about the individual tests.  I
am having a hard time weeding though what info they do have.  For
example I noticed a big differences in nitrate test some seems too low
(0.0-5 oppm) others too broad (0,12.5 25 50 100ppm)????
    Right now I have the fresh water master kit from Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals (pH high and low range, ammonia, nitrites, GH,KH) that
is about 2 years old and Fe and CO2 by Red Sea.
   Also, if anyone would care to give a summery, what other tests/brand
I should have on hand. If you could, please keep in mind that at this
time I need to keep the cost down and if possible get them with this
order to thatfishplace.  I have been using flourish and red sea Fe (
came with the test ),  I will be ordering flourish K and Fe.

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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