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[APD] surface green slime algae

Subject: [APD] surface green slime algae

> does anyone know what the surface green slime algae is
> and how to get rid of it?
> tsuh yang

I dont know but I would also like to know.

I have an outbreak of green slimey algae which also gathers on the leaves
and very fine filaments float in the water. I have reduced light and am
syphoning it off where it settles in the hope it will grow itself to a
standstill as most algae does in the end if you are careful with nutrients.
I have also added some hornwort to the tank which seems to help a bit unless
I am imagining it. I think the change of season plus a complete replant of
the tank caused my outbreak. I always have some sort of algae, I just try to
balance it so it is a type I can remove easily in handfuls by leaving the
stuff that is easy to remove and removing the algae which is hard to remove.
Then they compete and the easy stuff wins as there is more of it and it
covers all the surfaces, but then I have an easier life !


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