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Re: [APD] Wet Dry Filtration in a Planted Aquarium?

Yove too cover the bio chamber and the overflow too if it's
a box type rather than a built-in. 

You'll still get plenty of O2 for the bacteria and from my
experience, about double your CO2 use.

I believe George Booth still has data posted on his web
site with meaurements with and without a wet-dry.


You might have to search around, but it's a nice site to
wander around on.

Scott H.
--- Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com> wrote:
> I am curious ...how can Wet Dry filters be used in
> planted aquaria w/o the
> coresponding waste of Co2?  As I understand it, by their
> very nature W.D.
> filters  will vent Co2 gas to the atmosphere. 

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