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[APD] Re: Ammo Lock and Ammonia Tests

AFAIK, none of the modern chloramine "removers" can be used with any Nesler's-reagent ammonia test. All will give false positives, I think. [See the "Amquel" literature for details.]

Try the same test using a salycilate ammonium test and see if ammonia/ammonium isn't below detectable levels.

2ppm of ammonia is deadly to nearly any fish. Just be sure your pH is low until you have an answer, so most of it is as NH4, if it is really there. [I suspect it isn't.]

A small side issue: Nesler-reagent tests are not nearly sensitive enough to tell you when potentially lethal amounts of ammonia (0.01 ppm) are present, but they are a particularly nasty environmental hazard. Don't throw that mercury compound down the drain, but dispose of it properly at your local recycling center. OK?


Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 17:21:01 -0700
From: Phil Bunch <pbunch at cox_net>
Subject: [APD] Ammo Lock and Ammonia Tests
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Can using Ammo Lock cause artificially high ammonia tests? I understand that it causes the NH3 to be converted to NH4 and hence tests may not decline immediately. My ammonia test this afternoon reads 2 ppm which is causing me some concern even though the ions should all be in the NH4 from. The fish show no signs of distress, they have very good color, no gill rubbing and no other symptoms. Also nitrite is testing at or very near zero. The water smells good. I'm going to do a 50% water change and add some Bio-spira.

Any suggestions?

Phil Bunch

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