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RE: [APD] Wet Dry Filtration in a Planted Aquarium?

Dwight Wrote:

> "I am curious ...how can Wet Dry filters be used in planted aquaria
> w/o the coresponding waste of Co2?"

A while back I was looking at an Eheim 2227 canister w/built in wet dry. I
haven't purchased this because I just don't have the money right now and
it's a want not a need. Nonetheless, I think this might be worth a look for
you. I haven't used the filter personally but it appears as though the
wet/dry is enclosed within the canister assembly and *probably* wouldn't
lose too much co2? Especially if your reactor is on the output side of the

Personally, I'd like to try this filter for myself as I was considering
removing the biowheels from my tank. (for aesthetic purposes only--I
currently only use about one 10# co2 bottle per year with the wet/dry which
I find acceptable...) I carry a pretty heavy fish load though and am
concerned about removing the biowheels without a suitable replacement.

Hope this helps,


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