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[APD] Wet Dry Filtration in a Planted Aquarium?

I am curious ...how can Wet Dry filters be used in planted aquaria w/o the
coresponding waste of Co2?  As I understand it, by their very nature W.D.
filters  will vent Co2 gas to the atmosphere.  In order to grow the massive
bacterial colonies that make WDs more effective, there needs to be mixing
with outside oxygen at the high surface area filtration medium.  This is
where Co2 loss takes place.  

Assuming you somehow encase this part of the filtration chamber from the
outside air, how do you maintain high bacteria counts to keep the WD
effective?  In a sealed chamber, is it not logical to assume there will be
a coresponding massive drop in bacterial growth to levels more akin to
those of a canister filter since there is no longer oxygen enrichment
taking place?  If this is the case, I don't see why castrating a WD to get
it to work w/ Co2 injection is true progress.

As I understand it, only by injecting enriched oxygen into a sealed WD
chamber can one hope to maximize WD filtration and not waste Co2.  Comments?
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