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Re: [APD] Re: P and K low level marker plants

While a good maintenance/dosing regimen can help avoid
nutrient deficiences (and exceses), no regimen is perfect,
especially if you have plants with diff needs.  Last year
at the AGA Convention Chuck Gadd gave a great presentation
on viewing the needs of your plants by seeing how they're
doing -- assessing nutrients without test kits. Of course
*he* had a more eloquent title and description than that.

He covered a gamut of nutrient deficiencies and had pics
for examples. I don't know if all of the material fro the
presentation appears on Chuck's web site  (I can't find the
pics, Chuck, hint hint): 


The discriptions of deficiencies on this next page are
great as a reference:


Video tapes of Chuck's presentation can be had but I
recommend folks check out Chuck's web site.

I recall someone else in the not too distant past putting
out a call for pics of nutrient defiencies for the purpose
of collecting and posting them all.  Who it was or whether
they put together a web page totally escapes me. Anyone

Scott H.
--- Toni <xisco__ at hotmail_com> wrote:
> My idea when I asked these markers was to include them on
> the tank, and
> probabily you will have a more precise "warning  red
> ligth" against ntrient
> deplention than test kits

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