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[APD] Akadama Soil!

(i'm french so excuse my bad english ;) )
i want to know if i can use Akadama(clay bonsaï soil)for my substrat: i'll use it like that: 1/3 of Akadama mixed with gravel of 2-3mm and the rest of 2/3 of pur gravel 2-3mm!
can i put a substrat heater in the first 1/3 layer???(like Dupla method!)
do you know the C.E.C of Akadama(good or bad)
i 'll make my own recipe of micronutrient and i want to know if i can copy the proportions of each nutrients in the analysis of George Booth about Dupla product???(i make my fertilizer with K2SO4+ MnSO4+ H3BO3+ ZnSO4+ CuSO4+ Na2MoO4 in first bootle and a second bootle with Chelated Fe(by EDTA)
i will take the proportion of the Dupla plant product(because Duplaplant 24 is principally Fe)
i'll make my own because i have access to a cultures tissues labor ;)
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