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RE: [APD] Eheim advice -- or Prime Examples

One things I have noticed about the 2026/2028.  The small
ball that's supposed to indicate flow rate. It actually
serves as an anti-backflow valve when using the primer. If
the ball is stuck in the upper or full flow position, the
primer will suck water in through the output tube, which
makes it hard to draw in enough water through the siphon

Also, the primer seems to work much better if the output
tube does not have water in it.  Go figure.

Under normal operation the little ball tends to bounce
around a bit, just a tiny bit but it can wear down the ball
enough that it will become stuck in the full flow position.

These things might not be the reason for the priming
probelms recently mentioned, but worth checking, if you
haven't already.

Scott H.

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