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Re: [APD] Vortex Filter

If you're shopping for parts, depending on which ones you
need, you might try Ebay for a used unit and scavenge.

If you just need tubing, Home Depot sells vinyl tubing for
a good price.

If you know just what you need, try calling Innerspace and
see if yo can't get one of the engineers on the phone --
they've never turned me down on that. They always gave me
good info and advice.

If you've used the Vortex and don't like the bother of
tubing, waiting for the media holder to become loaded, the
bucket method and all that stuff, consider a System One,
You just put in the powder, put the filter on the tank and
turn it on.

Sometimes you can find a deal on those on Ebay too.

I think some folks buy a diatom filter, then find that
their tanks do well enough without one, and so it's off to
ebay with a unit that's in good condition.

If you do go to ebay, consider sniping ;-) 

What condition that you observe tells you that you need
more filtration? If you don't mind my asking???

good luck,
Scott H.
--- xicotenco <xicotenco at yahoo_com> wrote:
> . . .I have an old Vortex
> filter that I was thinking to use again but required
> new spare parts. I was wondering if might worth to
> spend x amount of money to refurbish it or buy a
> diferent one.
> I have a 90 galls tank with a wet and dry filter, but
> I notice that more filtration is required.

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