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Re: [APD] Re: Producing Green Water

I used to culture euglena for my daphnia in a separate open
top container with a gold fish, but it eventually turned
into something that daphnia magna could not eat.  I suppose
something other than euglena took over the culture.  Daphnia
was simply swimming in the green water, rather than eating
them.  However, moina seemed to be able to eat them - at
least their water was turning clear.

I now use daphnia food I buy from LFS Cultures.  This food
contains something other than just green matter.  It works
pretty well.  A lot easier than culturing green water in my

I culture nanochloropsis and tetraselmis for my salt water
critters in two 1-liter bottles lit by a 13W PC bulb.  This
method works really well and no contamination issue so far.
Nano (comes in a disc) can be cultured in freshwater as


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