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Re: [APD] P and K low level marker plants

Like Daphne said, small pinholes appear in the older leaves when K is down,
my giant hygro seems to show K deficiencies at higher levels than the sunset
hygro, usually if my sunset hygro has pinholes, the giant hygro looks pretty
bad. I battled with stunted growth for a while with my stellata and gacilis,
then discovered that if I give them more P than what I normally keep they
grew much better, similar with N but not as evident. I guess it looks
similar to calcium deficiency, just not as bad. Older leaves at the same
time look quite bad, they loose their color in the gracilis or simply fall
off or turn dark green in the stellata. Not much of a scientific
observation.... :-)

I have to say however that the stellata and gracilis both seem to prefer
higher P levels than I was used to keeping in my tanks, I maintain around
0.5-1ppm phosphate level to keep them looking nice (1ppm after water change
which drops to around 0.5 by mid week, then I add some more). My other
plants have also shown better reds with the higher P level. Anyone else have
similar experiences with thes plants?

Giancarlo Podio

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Giancarlo Podio mentioned that Giant Hygro and Sunset Hygor were the first
in his tank to show K deficiencies and E. Stellata and A. Gracilis were the
first to show signs of P deficiency.  I was just wondering what changes
these plants made to show the different deficiencies.  Could someone
explain what to watch for when you have a K or a P deficiency.

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