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[APD] Re: Producing Green Water

Many killifish nuts like green water as first food for the species with
tiniest babies, so we have perfected the process a bit.

Rule one: Don't grow green water and Dapnia in the same tank. The
Daphnia win and will eat all the *Euglena* (o/e) flagellates (or/then crash and die).

Fertilize some old tank water with a little Miracle Grow o/e to get a
green bloom started outside in good sunlight. Add goldfish or other
outdoor fish (I used Paradise Fish or *C. whitei*) to the culture after
the ammonia is reduced to reasonable levels (once good and green, it
will be). The fish will eat any Daphnia, Ostracods, Amphipods, and other
critters that birds tend to bring in to devastate your green-water culture.

The same works indoors in colder climates, but you need *lots* of light
to do it. Sunny south window?

Dip water from the green tub to feed the Daphnia tank, being careful to
avoid bringing any Daphnia cysts back the other way.

Simple, and works for me.


Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 22:01:16 -0700 From: "J Miller"
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I know this is going to sound like a crazy question here, but I have
a good reason.  Could anyone help me to start a green water bloom,
and keep it?  Is there a certain nutrient that will initiate a bloom
- N,P,K.  I have started a Daphnia culture, and would prefer using GW
over yeast. It's a 5 gal tank, and will have 40W NO flourescents.  If
the GW gets too thick, I'll add an air pump to circulate the water.

Thanks for this help on a slightly off-topic question.  It is to feed
the fish in my planted tank, BTW...

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