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Re: [APD] Re: choices: Eheims

They do not have higher flow.  After much questioning,
Eheim said to me that they rate the filters differently by
using different calculation methods.

I suspect that Eheim feels compelled to have physcially
larger filters rated at higher flow rates than small models
in the same model line.  I think wherever they use the same
pump head on two sizes of filter in the same model line
they rate the larger one with a higher flow rate.

So what's the real flow rate?  I dunno, never got out a
bucket and stopwatch and measured.  I like the filters
despite the rating methods. Eheim at least will usually
give flow rates for the pump head alone and for the filter
with media -- although that's fresh media, not partly or
fully loaded with filtered gunk.  So most of the time you
will have a lower flow rate than the rating for the filter
with fresh media. Other manufacturers it seems, just give
ratings for the pump head assembly totally unobstructed --
but you'd have to measure each or ask the manufacturers for
rating methods to know for sure.

Scott H.
--- Ron Barter <mistnfrost at superaje_com> wrote:
> . . .The only
> difference between the 2026 and the larger 2028 is that
> the latter contains
> more filter media. They both run the same pump/motor
> units. To this day, I
> can't figure out how Eheim gets a higher flow rate from
> the 2028 <g>.

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