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[APD] Eheim advice

Somebody wanted to know more about  Eheim filters 2026/2028.

I have purchased my 2028 2 years ago and it has been running more or less
smoothly since then.  As you can read in this list 2026 and 2028 basically
have the same power plant but different canister. ( correct me if I am
wrong ). The choice is a matter of space, and media canister capacity.

One thing to watch out for is the size. A 2028 is quite tall and you need
to take into account the space where you want to store it. Add a few inches
to the height of the flter as the tubes need to come out without being
crushed or bended.

I must say I am not unconditionally happy with the filter. I have a sump
under my 75 showtank and initially I used the canister as the return pump
back to the main tank. Athough this did work for a while , priming the pump
was a major pain . ( as expected a bit , canisters are not made to have big
height differences between suction and outlet side and the priming system
is definitely not designed for it.)
So I bought a submersible pump instead to return the sump water. The 2028
went on to another tank without sump to act as a regular canister. At first
sight I did not have any problem but I noticed the filter tends to build up
some air inside( Especially in the vening when plants are pearling like
crazy and there seems to air under any surface of the tank ) . Not enough
to make the system stop because when there is too much the flter will just
burp out the excesive air. But when the canister is pushed ( our dachshund
jumps against the canister when I am fiddling with it under the tank )
It will suck air and it can not be cleared by itsself. Very annoying. I
have to switch it off and prime again. For some reason the manual priming
pump can't get the canister to fill totally and when restarting it still
has air. I need to shake it, turn it sideways etc.. to clear the air.  To
make matters worse , one time I was trying to clear the air , the sound of
the motor suddenly changed and it stopped pumping all together. Turns out
the propeller magnetic core had broken due to running dry too much when
priming. ( and that was an expensive piece, I do blaim these hobby
companies for excessive pricing of spare parts ).

I haven't heard any similar complaint from anybody on this list yet, so
please take my comment relative. It may be me who makes a misstake.

After the first year with these issues and after propeller replacement, the
pump has been running smoothly and quitly , but all the oxygen from my
plants still builds up in the canister and I can't touch it or I need to
prime again ( outlet=inlet height this time ). I have 25 years experience
with Eheim and I am a fan of their products.

suisoman Dirk

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