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[APD] CO2 Reactor placement question

Hi All,

I'm building a DIY external CO2 reactor which I'm planning on putting on the
output of a magnum pro canister. Currently the output is diverted between a
spray bar below the water surface and a biowheel. I am planning on putting
the reactor inline before the "T" so the output will still go to both the
spray bar and to the biowheel.

My concern is whether I will lose a great deal of efficiency with half of
the output going through the biowheel since there is some agitation to the
water surface at that point. Should I remove the biowheel entirely from the
equation? (connecting it only to the spray bar portion of the output would
present some access problems and I also question whether or not there would
be enough flow at that point for the reactor to work.) This is a densely
planted 72 gallon tank and could probably do just fine without the biowheel?

Any advice is appreciated. Just for background, I'm replacing an internal
reactor that was driven by a powerhead--It was difficult to get at for
maintenance and harder to keep out of sight.



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