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Re: [APD] Re: Vortex diatom filter -- continuous use

I'd bet that 9 out 10 hobbyist Vortex owners use their
Vortex only occassionally.  But it can be safely run

On the box in which the XL model is packed is stated :

"Designed for continuous use"

Again on the Innerspace Products web site (Innerspace
manufactures the Vortex line of products), in the Products
section for the D1 model is stated:

"It is so designed as to operate as a full time filter. "

In the FAQ section on the web site, under the heading "Can
I run my Diatom Filter continuously?" is detailed answer of
about 350 words that basically says yes and this: "The main
reason we don't recommend it is because most fish will not
be able to stand the strain of constantly having to swim
against the strong current generated by the Diatom Filter
or any other high flow filter for that matter." The
manufacturer rates the output of the XL at 400 gph. 

The value of running one these continuously is probably
low, especially if you don't fancy the frequent maintenance
they require -- basically, replacing the diatomaceous
material -- but these units can be run around the clock.

After the initial "polish," the diatomaceous material will
;oad up with particulate matter more slowly because much
has halready been removed.  So recharges will be more
frequent at first and less frequent subsequently.

I'm not recommending them for continuous use but they can
do it and not break into a sweat.

Just for comparison, for the System One, which the
manufacturer rates at 300 gph, the instructions say "The
System One is a maintenance filter and and is designed to
run approximatley 4 hours at a time. Aft 4 hours, turn off
unit for approxiamtley 45 minutes to allow unit to cool.
After cooling period unit is ready for use again." 

I'd bet that most System One owners don't find the time
limit a problem.

Scott H.
--- K9AUB at aol_com wrote:
> . . . You can't run this filter continuously; it's not
> made for that.  It's 
> intended only to be used for a few hours, perhaps 5 hours
> at the most, and then 
> taken off.  

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