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[APD] Re: Vortex diatom filter

>> Did anybody have experince or comments to share with
>> us about using a Vortex Diatom Filter in plnted tank.

I own a Vortex diatom filter, and have had it for many years.  What 
specifically do you want to know about it?  It's a tremendously efficient filter at 
removing fine particles.  If you put it on your tank and let it run for a couple 
of hours, it will polish the water to a very fine, sparkling clarity.  It 
removes mechanical debris only, but doesn't remove dissolved things such as 
fertilizers, minerals or colors (if that's a problem for you).  You can add some 
activated carbon to the filter and it will also remove unwanted colors, odors, 
etc.  You can't run this filter continuously; it's not made for that.  It's 
intended only to be used for a few hours, perhaps 5 hours at the most, and then 
taken off.  For their intended purpose (clarifying water of mechanical debris), 
they are a great, great filter.  Nothing else beats them for this purpose.  If 
you have any specific question that I haven't answered to your satisfaction, 
please let me know.
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