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[APD] Re: Eheim diatom Filter

Sharon wrote:

My original premise with Scott Heiber was diatomaceous earth isn't part of a
diatom filter.

My next premise is it's a worthy experiment and personally not worthy of any
scorn and very worthy of thought.

Of course silica sand wouldn't work in 2213.  But you know what?  It
wouldn't have created the bacteria cloud either?  It absorbs a whole lot
more than carbon.

Think, think, think and reason,


My comments regarding the DE in the Eheim are just my 2 cents.

Also, FWIW, diatomaceous earth and carbon work by adsorption, not absorption. 
Adsorption is the adhesion in an extremely thin layer of molecules (gases, 
solutes, liquids) to the surfaces of solid bodies or liquids with which they are 
in contact (Webster). Adsorption is to take in and become part of an existant 
whole, as in plant roots absorbing water or nutrients. (Webster)

I will agree with you that DE adsorbs more than Carbon on a per volume basis, 
but this is a guess on my part. 

The main focus of my post was your lack of manners regarding Mr. Heiber. I 
have participated in many threads on this board where there have been differing 
opinions and they haven't degenerated into name calling because the posters 
did not let it go to that level.


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