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Re: [APD] Re:Diatom Skeletons or -- Yeast in the (filter) cake

I'm not sure whether the structures qualify as shells in
the conventional sense but as the pics show, they are
intricate arrangements of solid and space. One can think of
the structures as a fine mesh or screen. If flux
calcination is used, the heating sort of melts them a bit
and the holes get larger, then the filtering is less fine,
and the "mesh" clogs less quickly.

This page has a nice pic of yeast and bacteria caught in
the "mesh" -- also a def of caclination as it applies to
diatoms, and more:


I quickly pulled down another page which has more detail on
calcination and flux calcination for those that just can't
get enough of it (go to to page 2, Processing and


I'm not offering this as pamphlet on Vortex Diatom Powder,
just as a presentation of some of the basics on the

Scott H.

--- Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:
>  . . . Many, many
> moons ago I read that the filtering part of diatoms was
> actually the holes
> in the diatom's shell, which were very small.  Any truth
> to this?

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