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[APD] RE: EHEIM diatom Filter -- Freyed Ends - lambaste or lampoon?

Wright Huntley wrote:
> Wonderful thread for me to jump in on.

I won't say anything at all about diatomaceous earth (oops!) but I'll jump
in; why not?

> > Scott Hieber wrote:
> > --- Sharon Frey wrote:
> >>> Scott Heiber could you possibly be a bigger butt
> >>> than you already are?  I
> >>> guess the answer is yes!

Now here is a perfectly excellent example of a fine lambaste!

> >>> How in the world
> >>> did you get from Seweryns post to lambasting
> >>> every person who tried
> >>> something a little strange?
> > I said [blah, blah].  The
> > lambaste was?
> [I forget the lambaste part, too.]
> <<snip>>
> Good! Otherwise I might be left speechless,
> and we wouldn't want that, would we? ;-)

With an opening like that, do you really want an answer? ;-)

> Nothing I say prevents anyone from responding, so up
> goes my flame shield. ;-)

How can I resist that one!? Ok, I just have to post a response.

I bet that Sharon was objecting to the slightly sarcastic answer to
Seweryn's question. I don't think it qualified as a real lambaste because it
wasn't overtly mean; just making a little bit of cynical humour & seeming to
imply that Seweryn doesn't understand how a diatomaceous earth filter works.
I think it was a serious question & in good humour, I'm treating Scott's
question seriously too.

As for packing the filter box tightly with floss in hopes that it will
filter smaller particles, it won't. You were making that part up Scott.

Another constructive criticism (for everyone): please edit your posting
quotes to remove anything not directly pertinent to your response especially
those annoying signatures & disclaimers. There's almost no need to quote the
entire previous message. You can even summarize instead of quoting!!

Steve P in rainy BC where all flames are now doused by over 400 mm of rain
in the last few days; Hey, if the forest fires don't getcha, the floods
will! :-P

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