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[APD] Bacterial Bloom

Well, after changing 50% of my water and inserting more floss and some Purigen, the cloudiness of my tank came back, and now looks like someone poured a couple of litres of milk into my tank. I suspected bacteria going nuts, so I took a sample into work today, and had a peek at it in dissecting and light scopes. Result: Nothing. Looks clean of algea, protazoa, and hordes of bacteria. Tried a gram stain, but it came up with nothing either. Did a gram stain of a centrifuged aliquot, and there were bunches of cocci looking things under 100X oil, but none of them stained as either pos or neg, so not sure if they are not just some sort of artifacts. I am stumped. Anyone have any ideas on what it could be? The only thing I added before these troubles was a cup of sand (rinsed, same as my substrate), a small bit of soaked driftwood, and two clay pots covered in "aquarium safe" silicone which holds the sand to the pots. Fish seem to be doing fine.

Stumped in Brizzie,
- Seweryn

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