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[APD] A miracle!

Hiya folks!

sorry that this is not completley plant related, but I really have to share this...
If any of you have been reading my other thread about cloudiness and filtering my water, I decided to take Scott's suggestions and put some floss and Purigen in the canister. I popped it our and it was absolutley coverd in filth. So I rinsed it all in a bucket of water a few times, shaking it up. As I was re-organising the layers, I noticed that a 1" baby Cory was on the side of the plastic white bucket! Apparently one of my cory eggs from 4 weeks ago must have survived, hatched and get promptly sucked up the filter, where it has been leading a happy existance until I rudely displaced it! unfortunatley, all of the shaking has injured it a bit (no visible signs, except a bit of a kink in it's back), so looks like I have a partial paraplaegic cory now, but it can still use it tail fin, so I have hope of its recovery. Being nursed back to health now. I am truly amazed.
- Seweryn

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